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Discovery Cabins – Hope, Alaska

Discovery Cabins has new owners!

As part of our step back from Adventure Alaska, our cabin operation is in new and wonderful hands. No, we haven’t forgotten the joy of clearing the land and peeling logs at 20 below, nor breathlessly sweeping the sawdust out of each almost-finished cabin just as the next group pulled into the driveway, but to each new adventure a new season. At the gentle prodding of a fine young local family, the sale is complete and the cabins have a new life and future contributing to theirs. Adventure Alaska groups under Patrick (and maybe Future Liam!) will still stay there and drift off to sleep listening to the same creek. Barb and Todd will still stumble over for meals with the group, but probably will not be manning the grill or doing dishes.

The Stehn Family

Jamey, Samantha, and Ellie

As to who will, meet Jamey Stehn, Samantha Brown, and daughter Ellie! Past clients may recall Sam while caffeinating at the “Grounds for Hope” coffee shop downtown, and Jamey from riding herd seasonally on the Seaview Bar and Cafe (furiously building and enjoying local trails in the “other” season). And second grader Ellie (assistant cabin cleaner in training) would most likely be voted, “Most Enthusiastic Hope Husky” at the 17-student school next door.

So, if doing a trip with Adventure Alaska or merely wandering back through Hope, your new hosts will proudly welcome you and build on a satisfying tradition. It’s of course bittersweet for us, but we’re very excited for them (and we’ll still live across the street for plumbing issue consultation), so c’mon back to Hope and give a shout at the new contact info below.

Jamey, Sam and Ellie’s Discovery Cabins:

(907) 301-0399

Discovery Cabins
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