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Travel Considerations

    Well, if you've looked at a map, this isn't a place anywhere near "anywhere". And that's the saving grace. Seldom does one discover this neighborhood by accident --it's a long way from Las Vegas. But if you're inclined to visit, means to do so are appropriately straightforward, though requiring varying degrees of independence for execution. Besides driving from wherever you might be, the closest major airline hubs are El Paso and Midland, about 5 1/2 and 4 1/2 hours respectively by road. Rental cars from either do allow for the most flexibility, particularly for those anticipating forays in other directions. Charter flights to a local airstrip are a possibility, as are quite inexpensive Amtrak trains twice a week between El Paso and the quaint community of Alpine 80 miles north (we'll pick you up). There's also daily bus service between Midland and Alpine. As usual, discussion will yield the best option.
    As mentioned elsewhere, the window for our trips is currently limited to the months of October and November, primarily due to our northern constraints, as well as the civility of conditions for visitors. Many delightful times are found throughout the year, but at this time we're  concentrating on only a few. Summers can be absolutely brutal (just as in Alaska, where you aren't really seasoned until you've wintered, you haven't either here until you've summered --we've not) with the sun of an unfettered sky frequently raising temperatures, "temperately" into the triple digits. Summer too, to the surprise of many is the "rainy" season. Soaking rains or the drama of thunderstorms can humble. Arroyos flood violently and the bentonite clays that predominate, can quickly make many of the roads thoroughly impassable after sufficient rain, leaving only the option of time to allow passage. If it rains too much, you're just as stuck as when it snows too much --you wait until conditions change. Standard two-wheel drive rental vehicles are fine for getting here, it's from that point that our higher clearance four-wheel drives will be needed.
    Should you be of the mind to come have a taste, take a peak at the photo gallery to get a glimpse of what we mean. The ethic here as in Alaska, is to prize the function more than the form, meaning that a similar appreciation for what is different from home is key to a memorable encounter. From lodging, to lifestyles to landscapes, it's what makes travel worthwhile for those inclined. Should the least curiosity arise, just give a shout and we can discuss. Should you choose a foray, your appreciation will be immeasurably heightened by a bit of advance work. Suggested readings and video material are listed at the indicated links. See ya there.


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